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Discover our creative products, they are designed for all children from 1 till 100 - we all have a little child inside!

Why Heykka

The range of writing products under the brand name Heykka originated from our professional experience, long-term tests and constant discussions with parents and their children. The results of this work inspired us to look for the perfect crayons - the ones that are safe for kids and their health, with high quality and perfect covering. We are glad that our products gained recognition and acceptance from both children and their parents. We are happy to present our products here.

Heykka's products manufacture  has little impact on environment. Heykka's writing products are created for long usage with employing minimum resources. They are toxic free and have safety standards. Our products have environmentally friendly packaging.

That all means that our products are not only good-looking and colourful but also safe and durable - they are going to stay with you for a long time.

We present

A wide choice of coloured pencils and wax crayons, incredible Marvelo pens, vibrant gel crayons and reliable highlighters. Our products mean high quality and safety recognised by both parents and their children.

Wax crayons Classy

Wax crayons in 12 or 24 vibrant colours with excellent covering properties. Made from high quality pigments and waxes.

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Wax crayons Jumbo

Durable Jumbo wax crayons in 12 colours. Designed with small artists in mind, they will support the development of manual skills. 1.1 cm diameter and minimal weight support proper wrist position while drawing lines and filling shapes.

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Coloured pencils Classy

Coloured pencils in 14 or 26 colours, made of highest quality poplar wood are lightweight and easy to sharpen. The pencils come with a plastic tray for easy storage.

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Coloured pencils Jumbo

Coloured pencils in 12 vibrant and rich colours made of high quality poplar wood, are extremely light and easy to sharpen. The ergonomic triangular shape with optimal thickness support good grip and render them easy to use.

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Wax crayons Twister

Wax crayons Twister in 12 vibrant and rich colours with excellent covering properties. The Twist Up system allows unscrew the cartridge easily and quickly. Designed with children’s imagination and creativity in mind, they guarantee that little artists will have fun.

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Gel crayons Silky

Gel crayons with twist-up system in 12 vibrant colours. Perfect for experimenting and combining various painting techniques. Draw, rub with your fingers to create a dry pastels effect, or using a brush and water make the picture look like painted with watercolours!

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Metallic pencil Stello

Drafting pencil (HB lead) with subtle metallic sheen, ideal for writing, drawing, sketching and shading. Highest quality poplar wood casing makes it lightweight and easy to sharpen.

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Highlighter Linea

Extremely versatile – you can use it to underline the text on virtually all types of paper. Left uncapped it will not dry out even in 12 hours making it and efficient and convenient tool. Its fade resistant ink withstands exposure to sunlight.

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Erasable pen Marvelo

Erasable pen with blue ink and 0,7 mm writing thickness. Unlike ordinary pens Marvelo leaves paper structure intact and makes correction invisible. Thanks to its quick-drying ink Marvelo is a great pen for the left-handed.

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New brand - new experience!

Order our new creative products and turn your work into fun!

The joy of creation and having fun together

Classy coloured pens, Stello pens or Silky gel crayons - they all are creative tools in the hands of both young children and professional artists. Our products are created for kids, teenagers and adults. For the beginners and advanced artists. Our products connect generations offering joy of creation and having fun together!


Designer series for the most demanding people

  • See Stello serie
  • See Silky serie
  • See Marvelo serie
  • See Linea serie
  • See Twister serie
  • See Jumbo serie
  • See Classy serie



Share your ideas and inspire other people for creative work! Send your works on our address:

Use your imagination

and go beyond your borders. Drawing helps developing creativity and keeps our ideas, plans and thoughts in order.   

Use your imagination
Become an explorer

Drawing helps you to discover your true self. While drawing you can express yourself easily to show what you feel and what you want. 

Become an explorer

Painting and drawing is a moment of coming back to the time of careless childhood and concentration on the present moment. We can treat it as a perfect exercise in concentration and a way for relieving everyday stress.


Enjoy the colours and the rare texture

Working and learning is more pleasant in the surrounding of elegant textures and stimulating colours. Every assistant will appreciate the boss seeing the Steel Class on the desk, every student will turn after his colleague when he will catch a glimpse of the Ligths or Excluso colours from a distance.

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