Sustainable production

 Heykka  implements the idea of creation of elegant products from durable materials.  Quality and solidity of performance guarantees the long usage of our products without pressure of  buying and multiple exchanging of the writing supplies again and again. We are fond of Zero waste movement which concentrates on generating minimum waste or waste prevention.

Our products are safe and comply with present safety standards – they can be use by children above 3 years old. They are non toxic and safe for kids and environment. The erasers which goes with metallic pencil Stello does not contain PVC or harmful phthalate, whereas the barrel is completely recyclable. 

We do care about the packaging – all our products are packed into recyclable cardboard boxes. 

We haven’t used a single tree from rainforest. Poplar wood used for manufacturing of pencils is from sustainable plantation. What makes poplar wood exceptional is that the products from such wood are durable, light and easy to sharpen. 

From people with passion

Heykka is a brand created by ARGO company which has been successful in Poland and abroad for more than 30 years. Our many years experience based on tradition let us develop the activity of our company in many fields.  We have our own warehouse which allows us to supply our customers in instruments for writing, drawing and underlining. We have been active in B2B sector for many years and have built long-term and reliable partnership with our customers.

More about ARGO S.A.

ARGO S.A. is a leader on the Polish market of lamination and equipment for binding documents. The company has two branches in Gdansk and Warsaw, and a network of Business Partners throughout Poland, as well as in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Austria and Germany. Wallner or Kobra shredders are the top selling products of our company. We keep on expanding our offer in new, innovative solutions and devices.


  • professional shredders
  • laminating machines and laminating pouches
  • binding machines and thermal binding machines with a wide range of coloured covers, plastic and wire binding combs
  • devices for cutting and formatting paper – guillotines, trimmers, cutters
  • office accessories – money detectors, punches, ID badges, corner rounders, first aid kits, key cabinets, etc.
  • Notebooks and filling folders under the brand name MINTRA

In addition, ARGO S.A. is a producer of Galeria Papieru® – colorful design papers and certificates that enable the creation of a wide range of visual identification and a distributor of materials and devices for printing with sublimation technology Grawerton® .

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We are here for you

Our mission is to support children’s development as they are our hope and inspiration for further action. On the other hand we also make our world better and more colourful,creating common place for work and having fun.

We are making constant promotion and support schools, kindergartens and social organisations.

We do believe that together we can do a lot hence we are open for further co-operation. Please contact us by email:

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